The development trend of the sanitary ware industry

In recent years, China’s sanitary ware market has continued to improve, and the number of external exports has also gradually increased. In accordance with the rectification of Chinese policies and the promotion of urbanization, the sanitary ware industry is also growing rapidly.

With the rise of smart bathroom, bathroom products have gradually risen from the initial functional requirements to individuality and innovation to meet the needs of consumers.

According to data, in 2019, my country’s sanitary ware market demand was 90.436 billion yuan. In the early years, foreign sanitary ware brands entered the Chinese market one after another, which drove the housing exhibition in my country’s sanitary ware industry to a certain extent. With the support of the state, Chinese manufacturing emerged. In front of everyone, domestic brands have gradually gained independent R&D and innovation and gradually gained a firm foothold.

According to analysis by industry insiders, my country's sanitary ware is not small in scale, but the industrial concentration is relatively low, and the scale of the enterprise is not large. It is a typical large-market small enterprise. With the centralization of the industry and the functional transformation of environmental protection facilities, the standardization and large-scale transformation of the industry will be promoted, and some small and medium-sized brands will be eliminated.

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