When installing a shower, you must pay attention to these details!

The bathroom shower head is a necessary household item in the bathroom, and the installation height of the shower head is the most suitable, but it is a small detail that many people will ignore. If you want to create a comfortable bathroom environment, you have to pay attention to these small details. The editor will tell you the installation height of the shower and the installation precautions!

 One, shower installation height

1.The height of the shower mixing valve from the ground

When we install the shower, the first thing we must determine is the height of the shower mixing valve from the ground. Generally, before installing the shower, we have already determined the location of the shower. Generally, we control the height within the range of about 90~100cm. In this interval, we can also make fine adjustments according to our own height. But generally do not exceed 110cm, if it is too high, it may cause the shower riser to be unable to install.

2. The reserved height of the shower faucet

The reserved wire head of the normally installed shower faucet is just buried in the wall tiles. It is best to just cover it with a decorative cover. Otherwise it will look unsightly. Therefore, it is best for everyone to consider the place when laying the pipeline. Generally, it is 15mm higher than the rough wall, so that the wire head can be buried when the tile is finished to ensure the beautiful wall.

3. The space reserved for the inner wire elbow of the shower head

 The general standard for the reserved spacing of the inner wire elbow of the shower is about 10~15cm. Generally, when buying a shower, the seller will give two adapters, so that the water inlet of the mixing valve can be well connected to the hot and cold water outlet on the wall. However, as far as possible, do not use the adapter to transfer, it is more beautiful.

2. Precautions for shower installation

 1. After installation, the faucet must be level and not inclined, about 900-1100mm away from the ground. Be careful not to damage the plating surface when installing the faucet with a wrench.

 2. The shower head is installed in the installation hole and the expansion pipe is respectively driven into it, and the wall base is fixed to the wall with self-tapping screws. Note: The wall base must be on the same center line as the faucet outlet joint.

3. Wrap the faucet with a cloth before drilling the shower head to prevent the faucet from getting dirty and bumped.

4. The installation height "H" of the shower head should be determined according to the actual product during the actual installation.

 5. After the shower is installed, turn on the water inlet switch J and flush the pipe thoroughly.

 Finally, I wish everyone a happy life and enjoy a relaxing bath time!

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